Replacement Ripple Button
Replacement Ripple ButtonReplacement Ripple ButtonReplacement Ripple ButtonReplacement Ripple ButtonReplacement Ripple ButtonReplacement Ripple Button

24/7 nationwide personal safety at the press of a button. Ripple's Bluetooth button triggers your own human monitoring team of security experts -a highly skilled team ready to get you help when you need it. 

We all need help sometimes, but too often we don’t have the resources to get it quickly and discreetly. When you’re uncomfortable, click once and immediately receive a call from Ripple to get the comfort and safety you desire.

Product Details

This package includes:


Ripple Button: A water-resistant device, smaller than a dime, with a six-month battery, the ripple button can be set up to send alerts to friends and family along with your location.


One Click – Uncomfortable Situations

Click your RippleButton, or in-app icon, one time to send atext to your pre-selected friends letting themknow you are in an uncomfortable situation.If enabled, they will receive a view ofyour location. 

Three Clicks – Emergency Alert

Click your Ripple Buttonthree or more times, or slide your in-apptrigger, to send a text to your pre-selectedfriends letting them know you are in anemergency situation. If enabled, they willreceive a view of your location.

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