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Rees Bowen Gillespie, IV 
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Rees Gillespie, founded Ripple Network Technologies, the makers of Ripple Safety, in 2015. Rees was inspired to create Ripple Safety after his mother, a real estate agent, continuously asked him to call and check on her while attending showings with unknown clients.Inspired by wanting to ensure that everyone had instant access to a safety network that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, Rees set out to create a trusted safety service that empowers users to live their lives knowing safety experts always have their back.Rees graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Finance and Marketing. He has a background in the financial and real estate sectors of the South Florida market, where he worked at Broward Bank of Commerce and practiced commercial real estate as a licensed agent. While at Broward Bank of Commerce, which was acquired by Centennial Bank, Rees worked in the lending department and was responsible for evaluating asset pledged collateral and determining accurate assessments of their value.While working in commercial real estate, he was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a 70,000-sq. ft. single story office building situated on four acres of real land. Here he learned the importance of availability and attentiveness. Through building a strong and trusted rapport with his tenants, he was able to maintain their confidence in even the most inauspicious circumstances. He was also responsible for overseeing a three-month-long overhaul of a 7,500-sq. ft. renovation.He communicated and negotiated with contractors, tradesman, and the tenant to ensure the job was carried out and completed with cost-effective, first-class results. Upon graduating from Florida State University, Rees was offered a full-time position at Centennial Bank but turned it down to pursue the vision he had for Ripple Safety.