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We all want to feel safe, we all want our loved ones to be safe. My feelings are no different than yours. In 2015, those feelings led me to found Ripple Safety.

My youngest of three sisters had just graduated high school and my mother was searching for a transition in her work career now that the last of her five children had left the house. She became a real estate agent. She was excited to start her new journey, but quickly faced an uncomfortable reality she had not prepared for – meeting complete strangers in empty houses. Nobody can hear you, nobody can see you, and terrible events occur in these environments.

She began to call me before her showings, give me her address, and tell me if she did not call back in 20-minutes then something was wrong. I knew in any bad scenario I would be of little help to her, but I did what I could, until I couldn’t sit by any longer. I wanted her to be safe.

So I set out to build her that safety and began creating Ripple. It started with a simple idea, “What if all she had to do was push a tiny button and we knew where to send help?”. We set out and assembled the top engineers and designers in North America. Constantly refining our concept, the ideas evolved into far more challenging aspirations, “Let’s build the most discreet device on the market, with the quickest response time, make it more affordable than any other company out there, and let it meet the needs of anyone who needs it.” And after many long days and long nights, I am happy to say we’ve accomplished it.

Today Ripple is used by men and women, in all 50 states, ranging in age from 18-93 years old. It’s used by college students leaving home for the first time, real estate agents showing properties, delivery drivers, in-home caretakers, utility workers, mothers, and seniors. Whether you want to utilize Ripple for personal safety and get Police help when you need it most, or you have an older family member who now needs a medical alert system, Ripple is here to keep you and your loved ones safe.

It’s the reason this all started, and the purpose that drives us today: bring you the highest level of safety for the most affordable price. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story and I hope you give us the opportunity to prove to you we are trustworthy of the responsibility. 

Rees Gillespie
Founder, Ripple Safety