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The Modern Day Safety Solution for Your Business

Companies all across the country turn to Ripple to protect their employees while they are on the job. Contact us today to learn how we can craft a custom solution for your company's specific needs!

Simple to use

1) Click the Ripple button

Ripple lets your employees instantly send an alert to our 24/7 professional monitoring team at the press of a button.

2) Alert the Ripple Team

Alerts include their location and physical/medical profiles, positioning our team to dispatch emergency resources instantly and accurately without requiring any verbal communication.

3) Help is on the way

Police and/or EMS services arrive at your employees location.

Why Ripple?

Discreet, wearable device
Remains unobtrusive for employees when they don’t need it, and easily accessible when they do.

Never needs charging
Remove any dependence on employees charging their devices. With Ripple, there is no battery charging required.

Water resistant
While designed to be discreet, Ripple can withstand rugged wear and tear when your employees are on the job.

Employee dashboard
Receive access to your custom company dashboard detailing all alerts and employee usage.

Precise GPS location
Ripple provides real time location monitoring during active alerts, allowing our team to accurately dispatch emergency resources.

Customized response
Ability to design your own custom response protocol that our monitoring team will follow when your employees activate an alert.
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Industries Using Ripple


Billing is simple and easy. Your employees will quickly onboard in the Ripple Safety app with an activation code we create specifically for your business. The company activation code makes it seemless to modify any employee accounts, add on new employees, reduce the number of employees you are paying for, and manage monthly or annual invoicing.

Schedule a demo with us!

Walk-through the features of the Ripple platform and see how you can modernize your employee safety solutions.