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The “Never Panic” button with discreet, lifesaving technology. 

 On-campus or off, help is only a click away.

Please send me more information on how to keep my students safe.

The First 100 responses will get a Free Ripple Button with One Month of Service.

We Designed our Service with Campus Safety in Mind

  • The device is a Bluetooth button that can be worn discretely.

  • Once paired with their smartphone, the alert is activated with a simple press.

  • Our support staff calls immediately.

  • Emergency calls can then be routed to 911, fire, rescue and or campus security.

  • We believe that de-escalating an uncomfortable situation is tantamount to preventing assaults.

Around Campus

Off Campus

On Campus

We Designed our Service with Student Safety in Mind

  • Comprehensive statistics will help you in planning your future campus safety initiatives.
  • Customizable to your schools specific safety protocols. 
  • Students always have someone to call and are never alone.
  • We receive student's location, physical profile, medical profile when they initiate service.
  • Unparalleled reporting, insights, and data. 
  • View the true climate of your campus community like you have never seen it before.
  • Learn more about our special pricing for college campuses.  By far, lowest in the industry.
  • Submit your email above or call us at 877-820-2118.

Customers Love The Convenience 

Of The Ripple Button