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The Revolutionary Alert Button For Seniors

Peace of mind for only $10 dollars a month, without a contract

How Does The Ripple Alert Button Work?

The Ripple Monitoring team is based in the United States, and is available to answer your alerts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

One Click

Uncomfortable Situations

You are now talking live with a Ripple Safety team member who has your profile, instructions and location at their fingertips. They will stay on the phone with you until you feel safe.

Three Clicks

Send Help in an Emergency

Ripple Safety dispatches emergency services to your location and relays the critical physical and medical information in your profile to first responders.

Get to Know the Ripple Alert Button

Easy to Use

The Ripple button is lightweight and small, so you can clip it or wear it wherever you like.

Never Needs Charging

Ripple's battery life lasts up to 6 months, and monthly subscribers get a new device for free when the battery is low.

Water Resistant

The Ripple device is water resistant, meaning you can wear it in the shower.

Goes Anywhere

All alerts carry your phone's GPS location with them, so your Ripple Team will know exactly where to send help.

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A Tiny Alert Button That Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

As a senior or child of a senior you can stop worrying – the Ripple alert button goes everywhere you or your loved ones go.

Customers Love The Convenience 

Of The Ripple Button

Peace of Mind for $10 a Month Without a Contract