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Ripple’s Solution to Runners’ Safety

Ripple’s Solution to Runners’ Safety

As we head into spring, many of us are excited to take advantage of the improving weather by hitting pavement once again. With spring training underway, it is vital we consider the dangers of running. Often, we run solo in isolated environments without access to our technology, all of which can be detrimental to our safety. Ripple Safety offers solutions to these three problems with our runners' safety device.

Being Solo

Problem - While some runners have the pleasure of being joined by a buddy, many of us run solo. When you run solo, you are an easier target to approach. Whether you are being approached by an individual looking to do you harm or an overzealous person looking for a date, it can be challenging to exit a situation when solo. 

Solution – Ripple Safety offers a multi-level alerting system. 

With just one click you send a non-emergency alert.  You then receive a call or text from your Ripple Monitoring Team. They will check in on you to make sure that you are safe, and if they can’t reach you, friends and family to notify them with your location. 

With three or more clicks, you will signal an emergency alert and that you may need help. Your Ripple Monitoring team will send emergency assistance right to your location. 

Isolated Environments

Problem – Running down the same streets day in and day out can become tedious and boring. That is why many runners change up their route or take to scenic trails. Unfortunately, by doing so, you are isolating yourself from areas that you know well. If you suddenly had to stop, would you be able to tell a police or medical service dispatcher where to find you?

Solution – Ripple Safety provides real-time location monitoring during your emergencies. This allows our team to accurately dispatch emergency resources right to your location.

Lack of Quick Access

Problem - When you are running, it is doubtful that you are holding your cellphone in your hand as it is simply too burdensome to do. Likely, your phone is strapped to your arm or tucked into a pocket, sufficiently out of reach. When a dangerous situation arises, you will not have quick access to call for help. 

Solution – Ripple Safety is a discrete device that you can easily attach to a bracelet, necklace, shirt, belt loop, or even sports bra. There is no scramble to reach for a phone to call for help. With just a push of a button, our expert monitoring team can dispatch Police or EMS directly to your location without you having to say a single word. Whether you simply feel uncomfortable and need a phone call or have an emergency situation and just moments to act, our team is always there to keep you safe.

Ripple as a Solution to Runners’ Safety

To learn more about our device and how it can improve runners’ safety, click HERE.